PROJECTS | Warren County Medical Society

Medical Student Scholarship

Each year the Medical Society partners with the Medical Center, and Greenview Hospital on alternate years, to provide a $3000 scholarship to a medical student from this area who is attending a Kentucky medical school.

Nursing Student Scholarship

Each year the Medical Medical Society donates $500 to the Medical Auxiliary Scholarship for a nursing student at the Western Kentucky University Nursing Program.

Pre-Med Student Scholarship

Starting in 2001, the Medical Society instituted a scholarship intended for a student at Western Kentucky University, who is in Pre-Medical studies. The scholarship will help pay for medical school expenses.

Input to the Kentucky Medical Association

Medical Society elects representatives to attend meetings of the KMA (Kentucky Medical Association) and to offer proposals and resolutions which represent the views of the Warren County medical community. These representatives in turn report back information from the KMA to the doctors of Warren County during monthly meetings.

Monthly Meetings and Discussion

Members of the Medical Society meet every month in order to discuss important issues, and to hold seminars to educate the physicians about the newest advances in medicine.

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